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Eileen S.

I recently received a claim summary from my now previous insurance company that was shameful. Total amount billed was $602.00 and Total Amount Paid by insurance was $60.00. I was paying almost 200 dollars a month with little to no coverage/ benefits. In my opinion, I would have been better off without that policy and just paid out of pocket. However, I work in health care and I know how important it is to be insured. But I knew there had to be better options so I contacted my original agent who referred me to HCST and to Ed Scrimale.

Eddie Scrimale was very informative, personable, and diligent. Very impressed and happy with my new business partnership with Eddie. And most importantly I am very thankful for my NEW & BETTER health care insurance policy.

Tammi W.

Ken the manager helped me out and totally made my day!! He was very understanding of my needs and budget, and helped me find the right plan for my family. Do no use other companies when searching for the right plan, only use Healthcare Solutions Team! Trust me, you will not regret it!!

I just want to thank Edward Scrimale for making it so easy for me to finally get medical insurance.

Diane S.

Micayla B.

We love the maximum deductible, the lower copay, the nationwide coverage, and the 100% coinsurance!

I have been speaking with Eddie for a few days now. He gave me a quote for just me - I loved it. The benefits are great and at a great price. I spoke with my dad and Eddy gave me a quote for my dad and myself. My dad loved it! Eddy was great.. 10/10 recommend - he made this process a lot easier, answered all of our questions & explained everything very well. He really helped us out a lot.

An agent called back right away was very personable. He explained coverage offered and got a great price.

Mario G.

Lori M.

Janet S.

Jennifer B. 

Karla made your services stand out! She was outstanding and made the process very easy. I worked with Karla Jund and within 2 days I had my new health care coverage for 2020. Karla made this difficult process a piece of cake. She did everything for me I will recommend her to anyone needing assistance obtaining health care.

I found the exact coverage I needed. Ed Scrimale was great!! He took the time to go over everything & to make sure all my needs were met.

Renita B.

The diversity and ability to build the plan I needed, with the elements that were important to me.

Nadia Titova assisted me and she was awesome! She really listened to my needs and helped me figure out the best solution for my concerns. Nadia really came through with the knowledge and helping me understand the different aspects of the plans and why they were a good fit for me!

The ease and convenience. But more so the personable nature of the broker. He made me feel like he was a family friend who would take care of us.

Edward was phenomenal. He was thorough and patient. He found coverage for my son at a very affordable price and I cannot be more thankful. The only thing I regret is not contacting them sooner. Thanks for everything!!

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